Alcohol vs. Cannabis

the Sun Hermit

For some reason this topic of alcohol and cannabis popped into my head and I thought I’d post some thoughts and reflections. I tend toward very abstract ways of looking at things, so to me any small issue is a doorway into a larger, structural issue. So my intention with this post is to use this topic as a window into greater social and spiritual insights.

I find that there is a certain dichotomy between alcohol and cannabis, similar to the dichotomy between coffee and tea. Tea and cannabis are for liberals, artists, under rather than over-achievers… etc. etc. Maybe we could go so far as to say that alcohol and coffee are masculine and extroverted, whereas cannabis and tea are feminine and introverted. So it’s interesting to me that cannabis is illegal whereas alcohol is legal. Both have negative consequences when they are over-indulged in. The negative consequences of…

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