No more privacy?

Adam Blazak

No Privacy image

One of the many great new media chiefs, Clay Shirky, once said, ” the Internet is no longer an alternative to real life: it’s a tool for arranging it.  And at that moment, we lost something that we used to call ‘personal life’.”  I feel rather fortunate that I am living in times of online social media and have been able to watch it grow and define itself over the years.  Social media wasn’t too prevalent before I graduated high school, but as an adult I’ve seen the seductiveness and power (both positive and negative) it possesses.

I can’t help but notice when I am in public, people are constantly updating, checking in, liking, tagging, taking photos and videos, texting, and will be (Google) glassing in the very near future.  In our culture, this is acceptable as our new norm.  But with each new technological breakthrough, we seem to lose a…

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