Marijuana Helps 6-Year Old Beat Severe Epileptic Seizures


by Elizabeth Renter
Natural Society

May 20, 2013

marijuana bud 263x164 Marijuana Helps 6 Year Old Beat Severe Seizures, Replaces PharmaceuticalsAs if the medical marijuana industry wasn’t controversial enough—with opponents arguing it encourages drug addiction and crime and supporters citing years of research to the contrary—there are now children benefiting from it. While there are several cases across the country of children being given various forms of cannabis to treat disease and illness, the case of 6-year old Jayden David is getting a particularly heavy dose of attention, where marijuana helped the boy beat severe epileptic seizures.

Marijuana Replaces 22 Different Anti-Seizures Pills, Helps Prevent Seizures

Jayden suffers from something called Dravet syndrome—a form of epilepsy that results in frequent and painful seizures. In his short life, he has been rushed to the hospital a total of 44 times. In an effort to control the seizures, doctors had the boy on 22 different anti-seizure pills each day. Sure, they helped…

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